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About these notes

Hello! My name is Kei. 👋🏼


Staying at home these days have brought me more time to organise my messy habits of information consumption. Looking at the flying notes and files from all across has led me to the attempt at a better workflow and structure for thoughts.

Here are some of my ongoing, working notes on topics I find interesting. They are raw and unpolished—because I am still cooking! But maybe they could also be intriguing to you, too, if you’re curious!

If any of these notes or thoughts could be useful, I’d be happy to know! Feel free to ping me on Twitter. Also if you have any questions or want to simply talk about ideas.

There are no catalogues or directories but links. Here is some help to start with:

Have fun digging around!

This idea is sparked by the Roam community and Andy Matuschak. Notes are written on Roam, Obsidian and VS Code. This site runs on GitHub with Foam and Mathieu Dutour’s foam-gatsby-template with some customisation.

About these notes